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Well-known Philosophers’ Facet Hustles

Nietzsche’s personal-training enterprise, Marx’s podcast, and extra.

The White Home Is Positively in Totally different Palms

Biden’s new chief of employees, like the brand new President, is a severe Washington lifer.

Black-Historical past Info You Assume Would possibly Be True As a result of Your Faculty By no means Taught You Black Historical past

You wouldn’t be capable of say for sure that these statements aren’t​ true.

Each day Cartoon: Wednesday, February 17th

A bit tyranny is O.Okay.

“Hysterical Woman,” Reviewed: An Extraordinary Take a look at a Case of Freudian Gaslighting

The creative documentary brief, directed by Kate Novack, confronts the denial of sexual abuse.

Research in Human Resilience

Making the very best of the autumn of Troy, feudalism, and different disagreeable moments in historical past.

In a Cloud of Wildfire Smoke, the Pacific Northwest Breathes Uneasily

James Ross Gardner blogs about wild fires raving all over Washington, Oregon, and also California, and also exactly how they have actually affected an area presently ruined through various other…

Anime Caption Contest

Submit your inscription.

Loyal After Me

Lawrence Lindell envisions a situation comedy of self-affirming claims.

The Layered Deceptions of Jessica Krug, the Black-Studies Professor Who Hid That She Is Actually White

Lauren Michele Jackson covers the background lecturer Jessica Krug, that lately confessed in a blog that she had actually concealed the reality that she was actually white colored for years.